The future belongs to those who respond to how their customers use the Internet.

Giving The Power Of The Web To Business Owners

TireSwing Systems, Inc. is first and foremost a marketing solutions company. Our mission is to develop easy-to-use tools which enable clients to control their web marketing. By being in total control of the content and timing of their websites, our clients can respond faster to what their prospects are demanding.

The primary product of the company is the creation of custom internet marketing tools for firms supporting large dealer networks. A secondary product line is the more generic, easy-to-use website building tool for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

"Our goal is to have every web tool to be as easy to use as sending email because that is the one thing that even computer novices know how to do."
- Alan Norris, President, TireSwing Systems

The target audiences for the TireSwing products are business and organization managers who have either invested in a website that is no longer viable or have no site at all. These managers include the product dealers and/or field offices of larger firms.

The standard for any website management product we create is, "is this the easiest it can be?" Our marketing promise to prospects is that our website building tools are as easy as sending email. This promise is valid as nearly every web page creation function is completed by entering text into a control panel box and browsing the users' computer or disk for images. The result is that anyone with the most rudimentary computer skills can build and maintain a very comprehensive and interactive web site.

Do-It-Yourself Website Builder. Just do it yourself.