Davis-O'Reilly Antiques
Fine Period Antiques, Tall Clocks, 18th & 19th Art

Davis-O'Reilly Antiques

Black Forrest Carvings, Period Furniture, 18th & 19 Century Fine Art, Unique Tall Case, Mantle and Wall Clocks


Davis-O'Reilly Antiques offers some of the most exquisite period antiques available anywhere. Connie's rare pieces can be seen at many fine antique shows throughout the country or by special appointment.

Owner Connie O'Reilly is known for collecting some of the finest pieces anywhere. Her purist attitude, unparalleled integrity, and knowledge of period antiques are second to none.

Connie's primary focus is tall clocks, black forest carvings, period furniture and 18th & 19th century paintings but her vast network allows her to find or facilitate specialty request and unique pieces from almost any region and era.

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